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Score Quotient : Done Right

Striving for perfection through preparation.

Not prepared? Last minute goof ups? Exam phobia? Poor grades? #prepare #assess #perform

To help tackle the catastrophe that board examinations present, we at Perfect My Score have come up with a potent answer.

We have developed a series of structured tests to guide students and better their results.

Let the journey commence.



Students of classes X and XII assisted in appearing for boards.



Three boards in West Bengal catered to- CBSE, ICSE/ISC and WBBSE/WBCHSE.



Structured tests arranged for 3 streams- SCIENCE, COMMERCE and HUMANITIES.



50 major subjects covered. Relevant questions set. Regular qualified assessments.


Quaking Problem, Qualified Solution

  • DILEMMA DIAGNOSED The lack of writing and last-minute cramming burdening hampers student s chances of scoring good marks in the exam. Simply reading the syllabus multiple times is just not enough. We understand THIS.
  • ANSWERS ARRIVED AT Our team concludes it is necessary for students to write what they read. It makes them confident. The earlier they start, the more time they get to work on their shortcomings.
  • ORGANIZING THE OUTPUT We have created a unique detailed test schedule, structured impeccably to suit the need of the hour. Our test series starts from the beginning of the session in April, allowing students to test each chapter multiple times.
  • PORTRAYING PERFECTION Repetitive learning is a time tested mantra. Students evaluate their performance through our test techniques. Thus, we are successful in justifying their true potential.


Work Hard. Don't Wait, Make things Happen.


Carving the Curriculum

Emphasize and Divide.

  • Each chapter of all major subjects of the individual boards are assessed.
  • Students having two subjects from two different streams (for example, maths and geography) are accommodated as well.

Thorough Testing

Plan and Execute.

  • Once a chapter is completed, tests shall be held on that particular chapter.
  • After a certain number of chapters are individually tested, a combination of all these chapters is assessed.
  • These proceedings start from May, and are held every Sunday.

Estimating Errors

Finding the Fault in Our Stars and Correcting Them.

  • The conducted tests will be corrected by teachers from reputed institutions who are well versed with the boards and their pattern.
  • Feedback on the student s performance on every single test will be given.

Updating Parents

Stay Informed. Be Supportive.

  • At regular intervals, the parents will be informed about the student's track record.


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